LP and download. Femme fronted pocket punk and domestic-synth pop from French DIY workaholics X Ray Pop. Compiled from the mastertapes of the original 1980's privately pressed vinyl LPs and minuscule cassette runs. Plundering the depths of a self-estimated 400 recorded songs, X Ray Pop founder Didier Pilot has joined up with Finders Keepers sister label Cache Cache to reassess, rescue and reissue some of the bands most underexposed sonic snapshots, many of which were distributed in issues of less than 50 up to 500 for exclusive global releases in France, Spain, Portugal, Japan and America (where bands like Brian Ladd and Julie Frith's Psyclones and The Beastie Boys championed the band as a like minded inspiration.



Orques Et Goblins

Dream Of A Shadow

Klac Klac

Alain Aime Samantha


Les Nonnes En Noir


Living Dead

Le Mouchoir Violet

Nana Electronique

Oh Quel Supplice

Ca Te Mouille Le Bec

Orques Et Goblins Reprise


Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, 

Country: UK

Released: 2013

Label:Cache Cache 

Catalogue Number: CACHE10-B