Double heavyweight vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve with a 12-page booklet + DL

The follow up to renowned French DJ/producer/digger Guts (of Beach Diggin' fame) 2019 album of the same name! The finest selection of his favourite tracks from his DJ sets, those tried and tested dancefloor bombs he reaches for time and time again. Covering obscure Latin, soul, Afrobeat, zouk and house, with a helping hand from Dam Swindle, with two of their remixes included. "Any DJ set tells you, unconsciously or not, about its author. Through the record choices and the way they are organized, one can feel the DJ's state of mind...In this selection, you'll find 7" vinyl records available to everyone sitting proudly next to some rarities found online and acquired through nerve-raking auctions battles. There are indeed exclusive remixes along with titles that until now were only available in their digital formats. Now for the first time they are available here in vinyl format." - Guts



The Dutch Benglos - Shabi-Bi-Di-Do
Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band - Yamona (Dam Swindle Remix)
Pupkulies & Rebecca - Saude
La Gran Banda Calena - Que Quieres Que Haga
Martina Camargo - Me Robaste El Sueno
Mackjoss - Mounadji
Voilaaa - Limy -A Feat. David Walters, Lass & Pat Kalla
Jobby Valente - Mi Moin Mi Ou
Luis Dias - Liborio
Bande Gamboa - P Di Bissilon-Dam Swindle
Ngalah Oreyo - Aye / Alcione - Nzambi-Muadiakime
Ismael & Sixu Tour - Utammada
Pat Kalla - Canette (BOSQ Remix)
Aurelio- Nando
Chucho Pinto - Cumbia De Sal Y Azucar

Label: Heavenly Sweetness

Catalogue Number:  PVS015VL