Randy’s Studio 17, North Parade, Kingston, Jamaica, in the heady days of the early 70’s was one of the main focal points for Reggae Music. All the top Producers loved the sound the Studio gave and used it in favour over the bigger established Studios of the time. Federal, WIRL, Coxsone’s Studio 1 and JBC were it’s competitors and although they were in many ways better equipped, they came to Randy’s to get 'THAT SOUND'. Many reggae classics were laid down here including some of Bob Marley’s early and some say finest work. Randy’s record outlet opened for business in 1959 run by Vincent Chin on the corner of East street and Tower street before moving to it’s present address in 1961. The shop was proving to be very successful and played an important part in distributing the hits of the day. When these records usually imported from the U.S.A. became increasingly harder to obtain, the logical step seemed to be to branch out into Production.

So in 1969 Randy’s Studio 17, named after one of the American outlets that used to supply the above mention records, opened in rooms above the retail outlet. Initially built for their own use, but due to pressure from Producers who were crying out for studio time, the studio became available for hire. The demand being so high that on it’s opening, Producer/Manager Danny Sims booked it out for two months solid. Vincent’s son Clive Chin took over the running of the studio working alongside engineer Errol ‘Errol T’ Thompson, who on his arrival completely rebuilt the studio. Over the next six years prior to his moving on to work with Producer Joe Gibbs, ’Errol T‘ would be responsible for engineering most of the recorded product at Randy’s. We concentrate here on the work of Producer Bunny Lee who was by far the most prolific at Studio 17. Choosing a fine selection of his work recorded at the legendary studio we hope you enjoy the ride...



Natty In A Babylon

Jah Jah's Dub Children

Dub Broke My Heart

Dub Direction

High On A Thing Called Dub

Dub Me Girl

Can't Get Dub Out

At The Turning Point Of Dub

I Need Some Dub

A Laid Back Dub Tune

Grooving Out On Dub

Gift Of Dub


Label: Jamaica Recordings

Catalogue Number: JJRLP014