Diagonal put a gallon in the tank with The Skull Defekts' devilishly hypnotic 'Street Metal' album clad in ludicrously wicked artwork by Guy Featherstone. Where the majority of modern psych rock is about as psychedelic as listening to Steve Wright, The Skull Defekts' lysergic clarity and locked-on grooves feel like they might have *actually* done some heavy drugs in their time, hence their music works where it matters. Headed up by Swedish scene lynchpin, Joachim Nordwall (vocals, guitar, oscillator), alongside Jean-Louis Huhta (percussion, electronics), Daniel Higgs (ghost catcher), Daniel Fagerström (vocals, guitar, synthesiser), and Henrik Rylander (drums, feedback), they churn out a taut, heady flux of psychedelic rock and glam, technoid swagger with deft raids on arcane pop and percussive, tribal minimalism in five parts. The instrumental 'Mission' adopts a gritted, motorik momentum with rollicking drums and churning, muscular guitars that should make Goat blush, before their seedy glam side burns thru in the bestial thump and puckered vocal poise of 'Mammal Combination.' At it's core they really cut loose with the steaming battery of 'Holy Drums' unfolding ten minutes of grinding tribal sexiness, duly reinforced to lip-biting effect in the metallic dub, before closing with a droning dirge mixing Bolan-esque vocals with drums and piercing synths straight out of a Goblin soundtrack. It's all a damn fine reminder of Diagonal's wayward, unimpeachable tastes and finds ideal context amongst the likes of $hit & $hine, Powell, Blood Music and Bronze Teeth.




Mammal Combination

Holy Drums Are Singing

Holy Drums (Dub)

Saturday Morning


Format: Vinyl, LP, Album

Country: Germany

Released: 2014

Label: Diagonal ‎

Catalogue Number: DIAG 014