Remastered 40th Anniversary version of Y - the highly influential and innovative debut album by The Pop Group, released in 1979. In the same year The Pop Group released their single She is Beyond Good and Evil / 3:38. The album was produced by reggae veteran Dennis Bovell to critical acclaim but low sales figures. Emerging in the late-'70s post-punk era, this militant gang of leftist radical politicos from Bristol specialised in a funk-driven cacophony of sound that was abrasive, strident, and ultimately very exciting. Railing against Margaret Thatcher's tory government, the state of pop music, racism, sexism, etc., The Pop Group ushered in the early post-punk era and those who checked them out found an interesting melange of primitive rhythms and avant-garde guitar racket. Led by Mark Stewart, the pop group were unabashedly and stridently radical, and their first calling card was the classic single She is Beyond Good and Evil. 2LP - Cut using Half Speed Mastering at Abbey Road, Plus 12" of She is Beyond Good and Evil and Download. 11 Tracks.



Thief Of Fire


Blood Money

Savage Sea

We Are Time

Words Disobey Me

Dont Call Me Pain

The Boys From Brazil

Dont Sell Your Dreams


She Is Beyond Good And Evil



Label: Mute ‎

Catalogue Number:  TPGY1