This 150 gram LP was re-cut and re-issued in september 2009 and comes with a free download. 13 songs recorded: February 1992 released: August 1992.


This is genius. This is a revolution, of both thought and sound.The Nation of Ulysses is unmatchable by any band ever; they have created a dialectic, a movement, and a youthful assault of the mind and senses. like greek to a caucasian child, most will never understand even partially the spirit that lurks in these movements for it is about something higher than mere music. there is something that moves beyond the lingoes of "the aspirin kid" ian svenonious, the complicated scriptures that fill the liner notes, the infamous reputations of insane and overwhelming live performance. a warped hybrid synthesis of trashy garage rock, spastic jazz, and creative freedoms. languages created and swallowed amidst the words and discordant melodies. full of fervor, anger, wit, and remorse. solid spastic percussion, swirling distorted guitars, droning bass, and swollen horns. rambling exploding vocals spitting words of animosity and love, of rebellion and unity, of awakening and medicine.



N-Sub Ulysses  
A Comment On Ritual  
The Hickey Underworld  
Perpetual Motion Machine  
N.O.U. Future-Vision Hypothesis  
50,000 Watts Of Goodwill  
Maniac Dragstrip  
Last Train To Cool  
Mockingbird, Yeah!  
Depression III  
S.S. Exploder  
The Kingdom Of Heaven Must Be Taken By Storm.


Label: Dischord

Catalogue Number: DIS71V