Tappa Zukie is not only one of Jamaica's greatest DJs, he's a well-respected producer and arranger. Looking back through his master tapes, Jamaican recordings found a lost release that due to being a worldwide recording artist and the pressures that this carries, has stayed on the shelf and been passed over. Until now. When rhythm was king way back in the 70s the predominant feature of the mix would be the drums and bass, with horns and other musical instruments pushed back. This album was Tappa Zukie's attempt to rectify the imbalance and shine a light on the other talented musicians involved. When looking at the music with this approach you can hear some of Tappa's other influences coming through. Maybe it's a jazzier or bluesy feel and this almost makes the album feel like an unreleased film score.



Horns Up  
Take Nine  
Going West  
Rock The Rock  
38th Upper 1st Street  
Coursing Oil Inna Fire  
Natty Horns She Wants  
Water Pump  
Apartment C  
Hit Maker  
6th And 3rd Street  
Loving Jah  
Patta Cat


Label: Jamaica Recordings

Catalogue Number: JRLP032

TAPPA ZUKIE - HORNS UP! (Dubbing With Horns)