Lyrical King is the debut 1987 album from one of rap’s pioneers and innovators who was said by some to be the first artist recorded by Def Jam Records. T La Rock recorded this album for Sleeping Bag Records as the labels first rap act and show cased him at the height of his career.

An old school legend, MC and dancer who was sampled by Public Enemy and Nas, heavily influential on artists such as LL Cool J and the Def Jam sound and would walk out on stage with Run –D.M.C. Highlights include Back to Burn and This Beat Kicks where T La Rock teamed up with visionary producer Kurtis Mantronik

Reissued with original artwork, printed inner sleeve and pressed on 180 Gram heavyweight classic black vinyl.



Lyrical King (From The Boogie Down Bronx)  
Back To Burn  
Tudy Fruity Judy  
Having Fun  
Three Minutes Of Beat Box  
Bust These Lyrics  
This Beat Kicks  
Big Beat In London  
It's Time To Chill  
Live Drummin' With The Country Boy


Label: Demon/Fresh Records

Catalogue Number: DEMREC531