Cult Japanese black metal legends Sigh formed in 1989/90, featuring mainman Mirai Kawashima, Satoshi Fujinami and Kazuki Ozeki. Following initial demos, Shinichi Ishikawa was brought into the band, with Kazuki removed from the line-up. It was following this shift that the band set about recording the masterpiece debut Scorn Defeat for Euronymous' Deathlike Silence Productions, going on to become one of their country's greatest and most revered metal exports. With a journey through the strange and the psychedelic, incorporating a whole eclectic mix of genre styles and experimentation throughout their career, Sigh has remained a vital creative force in the avantgarde field. However, at its core, Sigh has always remained true to its roots of old school metal.
Eastern Darkness contains a comprehensive collection of Sigh's early rare works showing their swift musical evolution as well as the strong utilisation of keyboards in their compositional process throughout. The collection includes the bands legendary demo tapes, Desolation, and Tragedies, plus their EPs and rarities, as well as contributions to various compilation releases in the mid 1990s.



Desolation Demo (1990)


Weakness Within



Desolation Of My Mind



Mentally Numb



Tragedies Demo (1990)


Death Throes





Mentally Numb



Desolation Of My Mind



Requiem For Fools EP (1992)


The Knell






Taste Defeat



Far East Gate In Inferno Compilation (1994)


The Zombie Terror



Split EP With Kawir (1994)





Schizo (Venom Cover)



Rare Recordings (1995-1996)


Carnage (Mayhem Cover)



The Seven Gates Of Hell (Venom Cover)



Black Metal (Venom Cover)



The Shadowking



To Hell And Back - Sigh's Tribute To Venom (1995)


Black Metal (Venom Cover)



The Seven Gates Of Hell (Venom Cover)



Schizo (Venom Cover)



Welcome To Hell (Venom Cover)



Poison (Venom Cover)



Witching Hour (Venom Cover)




Label: Peaceville

Cataloegue Number: VILELP893