500 only white vinyl LP, initial 50 mail order copies come with bonus promo CD-R. 

Throughout their existence, Shit and Shine have been a hard ‘band’ to pin down, musically speaking.  So what should the always transgressive group  do next? Well, make a devastating mutant grind-core album, obviously. Teardrops is that album and my god is it nasty. Released by the genuinely awesome Riot Season, Teardrops is an unpleasant and filthily rewarding listen if you’re willing to get your ears a wee bit dirty.


Tracks List:

Schecter Omen Extreme 6

Kramer Baretta

BC Rich Celtic Virgo

Dean Dime-o-flage

Schecter Omen Extreme 6 Reverse

Jackson Warrior

Hellraiser Solo 6

Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads

Kramer Striker

Ibanez Destroyer

Dean Ml Modifier

Aria Pro 2 ZZ Deluxe


Label: Riot Season

Catalogue Number: REPOSELP052