Green is the sixth studio album from R.E.M., released in 1988 by Warner Bros. Records. Produced by the band and Scott Litt, it continued to explore political issues both in its lyrics and packaging. The band experimented on the album, writing major-key rock songs and incorporating new instruments into their sound including the mandolin, as well as switching their original instruments on other songs. Upon its release, Green was a critical and commercial success. To promote Green, the band embarked on an 11-month world tour and released four singles from the album: "Orange Crush", "Stand", "Pop Song 89", and "Get Up". 180g vinyl + DL. Remastered. 25th Anniversary edition.



Pop Song 89

Get Up

You Are The Everything


World Leader Pretend

The Wrong Child

Orange Crush

Turn You Inside-Out


I Remember California



Label: Concord Records ‎

Catalogue Number:  00888072004146