Ever since Oscar released his debut 12" The Ongoing Significance Of Steel And Flesh on his own Diagonal imprint back in 2011, people have been getting pretty damn excited about this dashing young, good looking man and the warped electronic music he makes. After a series of killer releases, some on point remixes, water melons, wooing women, drunken nts shows, buzz cuts, rave sticks, lighters, a quick wrestle with Steve Albini and posting his e-mail address worldwide he's finally dropped his debut long player Sport and it's a gold medal winner easy. With it he's managed to squeeze together his incredible skills into a set of electronic post-punk delights full of weird and wonderful noises and rhythms, on point vocals and jerky beats. It really sounds like nothing else out there at the moment which is why you need it.




Fuck you, Oscar

Frankie [Feat. Frankie]

Big Keith [ 'Ok Ok' Mix]



Jonny [Feat. Jonny]

Beat 20_194r

Gettin' Paid To Be Yourself [Al's 'Kick Ass' Mix]

Do You Rotate? [Feat. Dale Cornish]

Her Face

Gone A Bit Bendy [NTS Chatroom Version]


Mad Love [Feat. Loke Rahbek]


Label: XL

Catalogue Number: XLLP776