Combining live footage, videos, &  2 documentaries, this DVD gives love to the seminal outfit who changed the face of rock music & then disappeared all-too-soon into infamy. Recorded live on May 1, 1988, at the Town & Country club in London, the complete live show features the foursome at their best. Stripped down, with their dynamics working on overdrive, this is the time & moment when Pixies were at the top of their game. with 15 songs culled from their first 2 releases, the 40-minute gig has all the fire & charm that made them such a special band to see. Additionally, the band's video collection can finally be appreciated as a whole, with famous clips like ‘Head Long’ smashed right alongside little-seen gems like ‘Veloria’. also included is a new video for ‘Debaser’, directed by 4AD’s own Vaughan Oliver, known for his design work on all of the band’s previous releases.



The Holiday Song

Nimrod's Son

Bone Machine

Levitate Me

Ed Is Dead

Where Is My Mind?


Something Against You



I've Been Tired


In Heaven

Tony's Theme

Wild Honey Pie

Monkey Gone To Heaven

Here Comes Your Man


Dig For Fire / Allison

Alec Eiffel

Head On


On The Road



Label: 4AD

Catalogue Number: VAD 2407DVD