'Slime and Punishment is a 14 song, 29 minute slab of sonic aggression. It’s crammed full of thrash riffs and the band’s signature bitter humor. There are also more puns than you can shake a sharpened stick at. Of course, there are a few songs about drinking like “Enjoy the Night”, “Bourbon Discipline” and “Excessive Celebration”. Most of the rest are grimey stories about the quintet’s hazardous lifestyle and generally bad behaviour. “Breathe Grease”, “Shrednecks”, “Slime and Punishment”, “Amateur Sketch” and “Think Fast” are all standouts and personal favorites.' PUNKnews.org Gatefold sleeve, black vinyl.



Breathe Grease

Enjoy The Night

Dingy Situations


Poison The Preacher

Bourbon Discipline

Parole Violators

Slime And Punishment

Amateur Sketch

Excessive Celebration

Low Tolerance

Under The Waste Command

Death Proof

Think Fast


Label: Nuclear Blast

Catalogue Number: NB 3233-1