Mary Epworth has been around music as long as she can remember. Whether joining her father as a young child to take part in gypsy music workshops; a figurative experience which resonates to this day with the concept of 'duende' running through her approach to composition, sharing her elder brother's heavy metal phase as a young teenager; favourite bands Saxon and Queensryche, or finding her true love in 60's west coast psychedelia, the 70's Beach Boys and traditional English song, Mary Epworth has always been destined for a life in music. Her debut album, 'Dream Life', fast became one of the most talked about underground releases of the 2012. The album was recorded in the wilds of Norfolk in a barn in deep midwinter with Mary and producer will Twynam snowed in for a fortnight and above a massage parlour in Berlin, again with snow heavy on the ground. As befits a record that harbours both dark corners and moments of blistering, beautiful light, the album was mixed in Los Angeles in blazing sunshine with Thom Monahan (Devendra Banhart, Beechwood Sparks) and Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, These New Puritans) at the desk. Above all else, 'Dream Life' is a testament to the power of music as befits an artist and producer who also run the hand of glory label, reissuing lost psych classics. Its creation is based on a shrewd ebay deal for an autoharp (buying price 26 pound, selling price 1500 pound), the sale of a beloved and ultra rare shellac record and film extras work, each step in the process delivering that little bit more cash to progress the record towards its finish line.



Long Gone  
Black Doe  
Sweet Boy  
Two For Joy  
Heal This Dirty Soul  
Trimmed Wing  
Those Nights  
Six Kisses  
Come Back To The Bough  
If I Fall Now  
Ray Of Sunlight


Label: Hand of Glory

Catalogue Number: HOGLP05