"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of confort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy".

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Marc Mac drops yet another gem as a very limited LP that highlights America's civil rights issues and the struggles of the people of the deep south. Much in the same vein as his Chess compilation with a strong hip hop and soul influence. There are many samples of speeches and news reports from the era highlighted interwoven with heavy beats and lush samples. His use of Marvin Gaye's vocals at one point are a real highlight.  LTD. 300 Worldwide. Grey Smoke vinyl.



  100 Years Later
  Liberation Drums
  The Freedom Clap
  By Any Means
  Unorganized Protest
  Analogue Violation
  No More Pigs
  Detroit Red
  Love Is True
  Coreta's Beat
  Tell Me Now (Feat. Marvin)
  Don't Waste Time
  Rosa Said
  Kings Music
  Brothers Of Peace
  Atlanta Walking
  Down South (Feat. Gil)
  Newton's Beat
  The Dreamer
  Try To Please Me
  The Back Of The Bus
  Sweet Little Rock
  A Funky Protest
  March 1968
  Even The President Knows
  Black Babies
  So Free
  The Shot Still Echoes


Label: Omniverse

Catalogue Number: OMNIVLP01