Mansun Closed For Business colour 12" collecting rare tracks from the Seven EP for the first time on vinyl. Exclusively for Record Store Day following career spanning boxset.

Mansun were one of the most iconic and innovative British bands of the late 90's. This new 12" brings together tracks previously available across the formats for the bands 'Seven EP' release in 1997. The music on the EP reveals a transitional sound for the band, in which the club-crossover brit-pop style of their earliest work is left behind in favour of a more organic sound, one closer to progressive rock and post punk. It also features the first collaboration between the group and Magazine frontman Howard Devoto in Everyone Must Win.


1. Closed For Business ( 03:03 ) 

2. K.I.Double.S.I.N.G. ( 04:42 ) 

3. Everyione Must Win ( 05:38 )

4. The World's Still Open ( 03:39 ) 

5. Dark Mavis ( Acoustic ) (04:59 ) 

6. Stripper Vicar ( Live ) ( 04:09 )

7. Egg Shaped Fred ( Acoustic ) ( 02:54 )


Label: K-SCOPE

Catalogue Number: KSCOPE1117


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