U.S. IMPORT X2 LP - LTD. 'Orange Galaxy' vinyl + listening notes booklet by Andrew Winistorfer. Gatefold direct-to-board foil stamped sleeve.


VMP - Vinyl Me Please is a US subscription-based record club that releases exclusive records each month. Cloth & Wax have been able to source a few of these very collectable LPs - This is one of them!


Ludacris' sophomore album, Word of Mouf, is the Hip-Hop Record of the Month for July, 2021. This 20th anniversary edition comes on Orange Galaxy vinyl.


"There’s a missing link in that evolutionary chart of the history of Southern rap, that onward Sherman’s March towards sonic progress, a rapper who, after the singular and unprecedented success of OutKast, proved Southern rap’s chart dominance was no passing fad, no exception to the rule. He would be, for a time, undoubtedly one of the biggest rappers on earth, and his second album would top the Billboard rap charts, and hit number three on the pop, leaving only a rapper named Eminem above him as the biggest selling rapper of 2002. His outfits in the club were ridiculous and so conspicuous, and his name was Ludacris."


Andrew Winistorfer : Vinyl Me, Please Director & editor of their books, 100 Albums You Need In Your Collection and The Best Record Stores In The United States.


Label: Island Def Jam Music Group / VMP

Catalogue Number: № RH047