Never released before Armed Resistance is Love 666's final chapter. A 'lost' album that documents the total outsider rock of Love 666, mixing industrial, proto-electronica, rock'n'roll and general sleaze. Love 666 Lead singer Dave Unger met drummer Angel in Washington D.C., after dropping out of Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University where he studied music of avant-garde composer La Monte Young. Together they formed Love 666 and produced a number of singles and full-lengths for AmRep, including 1995 “American Revolution” and 1996 “Please Kill Yourself So I Can Rock”. Love 666 broke up in 1996 and Dave Unger moved to New York, where he started performing under the name Rock. He also started a new label called Feedback, along with former Love 666 member Joe Johnson.


Label: Improved Sequence

Catalogue Number:  IMP004