As Johnny Clarke was one of Bunny's main singers, we would hear a great selection of popular songs getting the dub treatment and in many cases the single was purchased for its more exciting dub cut, again made popular at the various dances where the dubplates were played out. Kingston Sounds have compiled some of the best of these dubs from the time and put them together for this release, Enjoy the great voice of Johnny Clarke alongside the productions of Bunny Lee and the creative genius of King Tubby, a great combination.



None Shall Escape The Dubment

Moving Out Of Dubness

Dread A Dub

Rasta Dub

African Dub

Wanty Wanty Can't Get Dub

Satta Dub

Roots Natty Dub

Dunza Dub

Legalise Dub

Dreadlocks Dub

Jah Jah In Dub


Label: Jamaica Recordings

Catalogue Number: JRLP048