Ian Brown Illegal Attacks - Parts 1 & 2 UK 7" vinyl singles. COLLECTORS DOUBLE EDITION. "Illegal Attacks" was released October 2007, and was a contentious track, dealing head-on with the political issues of the day. The opening notes of the song are plucked softly in arpeggios, which are juxtaposed with the confrontational opening line, "What the fuck is this UK?" The single was described by NME as another example of Ian Brown's "godlike genius..." Record 1 is yellow vinyl, gatefold sleeve. Record 2 comes with art stencil. 


Record One:
1. Illegal Attacks - (Album Version)
2. Illegal Attacks - (Sway Soldier Story Remix)
Record Two:
1. Illegal Attacks (Album Version)
2. Keep What Ya Got (Live Lounge version)


Label: Fiction

Catalogue Number:

Record 1: 172 466-9

Record 2: 174 546-4