HYPNOSAURUS is a legendary and unclassifiable Estonian techno act that proved to be very influential throughout its somewhat reclusive career.

At the end of eighties, a youngster called Aivar Tõnso, encouraged and inspired by the sounds of Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, early Detroit techno, Sonic Youth, Big Black, and the like, started making music with almost no means – ancient, stone-age technology was put to good use in a constant search for abrasive musical expression. There was literally nothing like this around in Estonia at that time. In his own words, it didn’t even occur to him, that someone might share his leftfield musical vision. A major source of information was John Peel with his late night shows on BBC Radio One. The iron curtain worked mostly, but was not enough to hold all the radio waves from seeping through. The fact that Aivar lived on the top floor of a tower block building, proved to be beneficial. He got a clearer signal.

From 1990 to 1992 the duo consisted of Aivar in care of keyboards and effects, and Railo Pals on drums. It was a time of making music solely for personal entertainment. Somehow the youngsters got hold of an old Soviet synthesizer called Polivox. Aivar remembers, that to this day he is not completely sure of the operational logic of this piece of machinery. It was controllable to some extent, but then feedback and glitches took over and the music developed into uncharted territory. Aivar considers Polivox to be a crucial part of the Hypnosaurus sound. A beastly machine that could barely be tamed by man. So now you're curious about Estonian Techno? Be curious no more!



Õhust Ja Armastusest

Langeb Tähti Sülle

Täna Öösel

Õielt Õiele

Laiküla Uduvalgus

Must Valgeks!

Päike Tõuseb Idast

Mõru Hommik

Peipsi Delfiinidele



Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, 

Country: Estonia

Released: 2015

Label: Porridge Bullet / Pudru Kuul ‎

Catalogue Number: PB011

HYPNOSAURUS ‎– 1991-1992

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