Limited edition, indies only metallic blue vinyl LP on Merge. Includes a 22.75" x 33" folded newsprint poster.

“I went looking for peace,” says songwriter M.C. Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger about his new album Quietly Blowing It. “It’s not exactly a record about the state of the world or my world in 2020, but more a retrospective of the past five years of my life, painted in sort of impressionistic hues.

Maybe I had the presence of mind when I was writing Quietly Blowing It to know that this was the time to go as deep as I needed to in order to make a record like this. And I got the time required in order to do that.”

Quietly Blowing It was written and arranged by Taylor in his home studio his 8’ × 10’ sanctuary packed floor to ceiling with books, records, and old guitars as he watched the chaotic world spin outside his window. “Writing became a daily routine,” he ex