Black vinyl LP Includes printed inner sleeve, eight page 12"x12" booklet, and a download code.


Head Wound City brings together members of The Locust (bassist Justin Pearson and drummer Gabe Serbian), The Blood Brothers (vocalist/guitarist Jordan Billie and guitarist Cody Votolato) and Yeah Yeah Yeahs (lead guitarist Nick Zinner) for a light-speed collision course of mutated underground sounds including thrash, powerviolence, screamo, prog rock, grind, and more. But when put together, the music continues to defy categorization. A New Wave of Violence (the album is named after a 1982 Raymond Pettibon magazine.) utilizes the best elements of the bands that helped spawn it, from The Blood Brothers’ experimental noise rock to The Locust’s schizophrenic math characteristics and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ arty pop sense. At 10 tracks and barely 25 minutes, it’s on the short side as far as full-lengths go. But don’t confuse the record’s brevity for ineffectiveness. Head Wound City pack a lot in, making every album clocking in at over 30 minutes seem bloated with excess by comparison.


Label: VICE

Catalogue Number: VCA 803461