The Concrete Confessional is the seventh studio album by US  metalcore band Hatebreed. It was released in 2016, via Nuclear Blast. 

The album "deals heavily with topics such as social injustice, police brutality, drug abuse and self-positivity through positive mental attitude." loudwire

On the lyrical themes surrounding the opening track "A.D.", lead vocalist Jamey Jasta stated that the song "was a way that I could voice my frustration about the loss of opportunities available to the average guy. With the government and big business drowning in corruption and greed, the average person is being squeezed, so achieving the American dream is becoming less and less real. We all need to pay closer attention to what our elected leaders are doing. Start locally, in your own community, make your representatives accountable.”




Looking Down The Barrel Of Today

Seven Enemies

In The Walls

From Grace We've Fallen

Us Against Us

Something's Off

Remember When

Slaughtered In Their Dreams

The Apex Within

Walking The Knife


Serve Your Masters


Label: Nuclear Blast ‎

Catalogue Number: NB 3667-1