Grey Hairs have played in UK underground bands as diverse as Sleaford Mos, Hey Colossus, Lords, Fists, The Cult Of Dom Keller, Kogumaza and probably hundreds more they, and you, have forgotten about. You'd probably call them 'stalwarts' if it didn't sound like something your doctor would find in a prostate exam.When asked what lead them to form Grey Hairs they will all give the same inspirational answer and that answer is "Geographical Proximity".

Grey Hairs are financially insecure and worried, staring middle age in the face and backing down, afraid. The future is confusing and upsetting. The young distress them and they deal with modern technology like a dog being shown a card trick. Are they angry? Yes they are. What are they going to do about it? The same as they've always done:  tour in a Transit while no one takes any notice whatsoever. It's said it isn't stupid people who make mistakes, it is stupid people who repeat them again and again. Available on purple vinyl, limited to 330 copies. This is a recording of a Grey Hairs live gig on October 31st 2019 at JT Soar in Nottingham.




Serious Business

Ghost In Your Own Life

Red Paint


Kernels Of Eyes

Piss Transgressor

The Chin (Pts I & II)


Label: Gringo Records

Catalogue Number: WAAT074