Back in stock on 150g vinyl with a download card. 'In on the kill taker' is like scrubbing your face with steel wool. It finds the band relying on rusty guitar shards that scrape, seethe, and hiss, further removing itself from the sound of '13 Songs' and 'Repeater'. Harsh and grating, Fugazi surprisingly produces sheer noise at times, best witnessed in the lengthy closing of '23 Beats Off' and the unintentional gremlins homage that opens 'Walken's Syndrome.' Joe Lally's bass and Brendan Canty's drums are relegated to acting as a guide; they're pushed - but not squashed - down in the mix, allowing for Ian Mackaye and Guy Picciotto's guitars to take control, corrosively so.


Label: Dischord

Catalogue Number: DIS70V