Out To Lunch is certainly Eric Dolphy's most adventurous album and his most self consistent attempt at freedom within some, at least of the confines established by bop writing. Dolphy was never at his best in a context like the Coltrane Quartet where the bulk of the solo work was extended harmonic development over a relatively stable rhythmic line. Elvin Jones's use of polyrhythms never got far away from time-keeping. Doubling and augmenting times was something Dolphy had learned in the fraught days with Mingus and it is Mingus who really marks the end of the conventional rhythm section and introduces a degree of 'democracy' among all the separate voices of the jazz group. Tragically, Four months after Out To Lunch was released, Dolphy died of uraemia, only days past his thirty-sixth birthday.



Hat And Beard

Something Sweet, Something Tender


Out To Lunch

Straight Up And Down



Label: Blue Note

Catalogue Number: BLP 4163