Emanative is drummer and producer Nick Woodmansey, best known for spiritual jazz albums and releases on labels such as Brownswood, The Steve Reid Foundation and Jazzman Records, as well as flirting with things more electronic. (Also responsible for co-producing and mixing records for artists such as Sarathy Korwar & Collocutor)

Liz Elensky is a vocalist, lyricist and vocal arranger who has been involved with Emanative since the beginning of his project back in 2006, as well as with many other live and recording projects.

The decision to join forces and start experimenting together came about as an idea to combine their worlds; a creative project where drums, percussion and production meets vocals, lyrics and concept.

This album finds them both taking a different direction - diving slightly deeper into electronics, whilst remaining faithfully rooted in soulful and jazz organics - with contributions from friends and collaborators: Rocketnumbernine, The Maghreban, Khalab, Tamar Collocutor, Jessica Lauren, Ben Hadwen, Dan Jose, Vince Vella and Deoke. Singing predates the spoken word, as do the drums, this combining of forces was a symbiosis of rhythm and voice. Nick began by experimenting and recording with live drums & percussion at Floating Productions studio, Liz then imbued all with her ideas, perspectives and inspirations, and the collaborators helped to lay down the fundamentals for each sonic collage. 


Label: Home Planet Recordings 

Catalogue Number:  HPLP001