Dizzee retuns with a new album. Raskit is a phrase used by Dizzee Rascal, the name by which he refers to himself. Dizzee’s sixth album and first in four years, returns the compliment of Drake’s recent grime-flavoured mixtape - and with interest. It teams precision-tooled beats from a stellar array of US producers (Valentino Khan, Cardo and Paul Salva among them) with the sound of Britain’s finest MC - bar none, in a field of his own, champion of a league of one - “rapping my arse off”. The result is a spiralling sub-bass vortex of introspective jeep-beats which takes the man Jeremy Paxman called Mr. Rascal right back to his roots, but with a hip-hop twist Jay-Z or E40.



  Wot U Gonna Do?
  I Ain't Even Gonna Lie
  The Other Side
  Make It Last
  Business Man
  Bop N' Keep It Dippin'
  She Knows What She Wants
  Everything Must Go
  Slow Your Roll
  Sick A Dis
  The Way I Am
  Man Of The Hour


Label: Dirtee Stank/Island

Catalogue Number: 5771492