Jagjaguwar vinyl repress of the debut Dinosaur Jr album from 1985 that was originally released on Homestead. 'Dinosaur', is a generally overlooked artifact of the band's sizeable catalog. In fact, it's so often ignored that many assume the group's groundbreaking second release, 'You're Living All Over Me', was actually the debut. Nevertheless, 'Dinosaur' is an ambitious collection of speedy, fuzzed-out, guitar-driven songs that scream with urgency. Most importantly, however, it offers an honest glimpse into the early years of one of alternative rock's founding fathers. Guitar innovator J Mascis and bass-mangling cohort lou barlow take the listener on a brief foray into dark indie-metal on tracks like 'Bulbs of Passion' and 'Mountain Man,' providing stark contrast to the more lo-fi pop specimens 'Forget the Swan' and 'Quest.' most songs race by at a rate faster than a punk-rock basement jam session. Overall, it's a portrait of a band on the verge of greatness. 'Dinosaur' is not for the faint of heart, but will justly reward the patient patron.



Forget The Swan  
Cats In A Bowl  
The Leper  
Does It Float  
Severed Lips  
Mountain Man  


Label: Jagjaguwar

Catalogue Number: JAG196lp