Dave Barker possesses a set of pipes that, if he had hailed from Chicago or Memphis instead of Jamaica would likely have seen him regarded as one of the great soul men. As a Jamaican, he actually achieved international fame in 1970 with his mad outburst on the Winston Riley produced Double Barrell, a huge hit in the UK, a portion of whose teenage population was at that time in the throes of the original skinhead fashion, of which reggae was a part. Ansell Collins was a session keyboard player responsible for the effervescent fairground sound on that record, and many others during that period, including the deathless Stalag 17, versioned countless times ever since. This LP collects tracks produced by Bunny Lee featuring Barker, some from the same time period as the original Double Barrell and some from more recent sessions.



Liquidator Shuffle

007 (Both Barrels)

Just Can't Stand It (Man Next Door)

Johnny Dollar

The Beatitude

Great Shocks Of Mighty

Girl Of My Dreams

Oh Baby (Django Returns)

Queen Of The Minstrel

Mister Talkative

Riding For A Fall

Trying To Conquer Me

Sexy Dream

Hot Sauce


Label: Kingston Sounds

Catalogue Number: KSLP053


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