Black Sunday made Cypress Hill's connection to rock and roll more explicit, with its heavy metal-like artwork and noisier, more dissonant samples (including, naturally, stoner icons Black Sabbath). It's a slightly darker affair than its groundbreaking predecessor, with the threats of violence more urgent and the pot obsession played to the hilt (after all, it was a crucial part of their widespread appeal). Apart from those subtle distinctions, the sound of Black Sunday is pretty much the same as Cypress Hill, refining the group's innovations into an accessible bid for crossover success.



I Wanna Get High

I Ain't Goin' Out Like That

Insane In The Brain

When The Sh-- Goes Down

Lick A Shot

Cock The Hammer


Lil' Putos

Legalize It

Hits From The Bong

What Go Around Come Around, Kid

A To The K

Hand On The Glock

Break 'Em Off Some


Label: Soul Assassins ‎/ SONY

Catalogue Number:   88985434451