An expansive 7-song release, Corey King’s A Loveless Sunken Sun is a testament to the power of angst to foster growth.

The record is a product of two transformative and nomadic years that saw him facing the extremities of life in the birth of a son and the death of a loved one while simultaneously touring the world.

King has alchemically transformed those anxieties into an impressionistic set of songs that are by turn kinetic, theatrical, and uplifting. Conceptualized and recorded mostly in solitude in Brooklyn, NY and while on the road, A Loveless Sunken Sun showcases King’s development as a songwriter and producer. More experimental than previous releases,

A Loveless Sunken Sun features synths, drum machines, and programming augmented with live band elements that display the singularity of his musical character. Whereas his 2016 outing Lashes dabbled more with rock and indie influences, A Loveless Sunken Sun manifests the breadth of King’s influences; a picturesque world that is equal parts Electronic, Krautrock and Afrobeat.


Label: Def Presse

Catalogue Number: DPR 00050EP