Consolidated, the political dance/industrial music band from the early 90s joined again for a studio session in San Francisco last summer, resulting in a new album, We're Already There. The first release on Consolidated’s own label 'The End Of Records'. What else to expect? The new recordings are an innovating mix of industrial, hip-hop, rock and funk with mixtures of live instruments and electronics. Political lyrics address global issues such as and they welcome guest vocalist GRETA THUNBERG on the track 'The ‘ol Mass Extinction Blues' .  The album starts in a traditional Consolidated groove; with the song 'Capitalism A.F.', a mix of beats, industrial sounds and hip-hop, and moves through danceable industrial jams, techno beats, and a remarkable noise track. Main musicians are Adam Sherburne (guitar/vocals) and Mark Pistel (synths/beats) backed by Lynn Farmer (Meat Beat Manifesto)



Capitalism A.F.

The Flood

Two Minutes to Midnight

Riffin’ On Jimi

De-escalate and Dialogue Now

Music Is the Sound of Life


Mutual Aid


Lamenting Autotuned Life

Musica Sin Fronteras

Noise Dancer

Who Controls the Past

The Ol’ Mass Extinction Blues

Robot Flamenco Shit

The Chickens Are Coming Home

THE Machine

From Civilization to Barbarism


Label: End Of Records

Catalogue Number: endofrecordslp001


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