The story of Brian Wilson and his magnum opus Smile is one of the more compelling tales of how ego, insecurity and drugs can swiftly undermine the creative process, especially when it’s caught in the mire of a commercial tidal wave. For years, Beach Boys/Brian Wilson fans agonized and lamented over the unfinished nature of Smile, originally slated for a January 1967 release. Its resurrection in 2003 is testament to the shelf life of a missing masterpiece shrouded in mysteryfor over 37 years. To keep the legacy alive, Rhino has, in their usual manner, done a splendid job at assembling these two comprehensive DVDs to match the artistry and mystique of Smile. Disc One features the extensive and documentary “Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson And The Story of SMILE.” Disc Two features a resounding live performance of Smile filmedin Los Angeles. Both discs are crammed full with bonus features almost as captivating as themain features. There are a few clips from the stellar first live performance of Smile at the Royal Festival Hall in London in February 2004.



Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson And The Story Of Smile Documentary



Bonus Material:


Theatrical Trailer


Highlights From The World Premiere Of Smile


Interview Highlights



Smile Live Performance:


Our Prayer/Gee


Heroes And Villains


Roll Plymouth Rock




Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine


Cabin Essence




Song For Children


Child Is The Father Of Man


Surf's Up


I'm In Great Shape/I Wanna Be Around/Workshop




On A Holiday


Wind Chimes


Mrs. O'Leary's Cow


In Blue Hawaii


Good Vibrations



Bonus Material:


Brian Wilson Photo Gallery


Brian Wilson A The Piano


The Recording Of Brian Wilson Presents Smile Featurette


Heroes And Villains Contest-Winning Video By Justin Cole



Label: RHINO

Catalogue Number: R2 970415