Soul Jazz Records’ new Black Riot: Early Jungle, Rave and Hardcore is a brand new collection of heavyweight ragga- influenced hardcore jungle tracks from the early 1990s. Dark and heavy. Featuring classic and seminal tracks from the likes of Levictus and Krome and Time alongside a host of rare and little-known ragga and junglist hardcore tunes, featuring the likes of Babylon Timewarp’s hypnotic Durban Poison, Rhythm For Reasons’ mad The Smokers Rhythm, The Freaky rave-y breakbeat sound of Time and Age, Trip One’s super dark Snowball and loads more.

Expect super heavy basslines, equally heavy twisted ‘Amen’ drum loops, even heavier ragga vocals. Original jungle style - roots and culture - from the earliest days of drum and bass. Included with the first edition of the Black Riot vinyl and CD is a free graphic mini-novel Black Riot: The Mysterons save Planet Earth from the Xatheroid Angels. This is the third collaboration between writer Paulo Parisi and Soul Jazz Records. This new graphic story continues the story of black electronic dance music - this time set in London circa 1992 - from Soul Jazz’s earlier ‘Invasion of the Killer Mysterons’ (Jamaican electronic dub, co-compiled by Kevin Martin (The Bug)) and ‘Mysterons Invade the Jackin’ Zone’ (about Chicago acid and experimental house 1986-93).



Rhythm For Reasons - 

The Smokers Rhythm

Babylon Timewarp - 

Durban Poison

The Terrorist - 


DJ Dubplate - 

Tings A Go On

Leviticus - 

Burial (Lovers Rock Mix)

The Freaky - 

Time And Age

Trip One - 

Snowball Remix

DJ Krome & Mr. Time

Ganja Man

New Vision - 

Way Of Life

DJ Dubplate - 

Original Rubadubstyle

Hi Fi Power - 

Chill Out (Raggafunks U)

Nu Jacks Featuring Ivory Ranks - 

House Sensation


Label: Soul Jazz

Catalogue Number: SJRLP452


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