Tenth Anniversary Deluxe Edition. It's only a cliche because it's true, but the greatest records are timeless. Black Mountain's self-titled debut album is just such a record, its roots leading twisting paths back into the past, while always sounding like 'now', like a future still to come. The work of a small collective of musicians operating from Vancouver, Canada, far from any industry buzz but firmly in the eye of their own storm of creativity, Black Mountain's debut grew from skeletal sessions cut by Stephen McBean and Joshua Wells. Here was a new classic rock, its reference points arcane and clear, its sound fresh, unfamiliar and irresistible. Savor the compact, spacey brilliance of that cosmic, heavy and subtle debut album, remastered and expanded now with a raft of delicious bonus tracks scavenged from the Black Mountain Army archives. LP+ - The 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition is a double-LP including 8 bonus tracks ('Druganaut' 12″ plus 4 previously unreleased tracks) on grey vinyl, using foil-print on the first pressing of the litho-wrap gatefold packaging. Vinyl with Download



Modern Music

Don't Run Our Hearts Around


No Satisfaction

Set Us Free

No Hits

Heart Of Snow

Faulty Times

Druganaut (Extended Remix)

Buffalo Swan

Bicycle Man

Behind The Fall

Set Us Free (Demo)

Black Mountain (Demo)

No Satisfaction (UK Radio)

It Wasn't Arson


Label: Jagjaguwar

Catalogue Number: JAG270LPC1