Red-1, the long-sold-out full-length debut of South London producer Acidliner (DRMCNT, Hey Colossus), sees a vinyl release courtesy of Wrong Speed Records. Initially released by South London new age / ambient imprint New Atlantis as a limited tape run that quickly sold out, Red-1 now becomes available on vinyl for the first time.

Written in spring 2017, Red-1 originally came about in response to a request from New Atlantis founders India Jordan and Allen Wooten. "They asked me to write something for their Ambient Social night at Rye Wax in Peckham. I took it as a challenge to write a whole record with no real 'beats'." Accordingly, Red-1 is a step away from the dancefloor-oriented beats'n'bass-heavy DRMCNT project. It probably also goes without saying that it is some distance from the noise-rock of Hey Colossus, the band for which he has drummed for the best part of two decades. But although Red-1, layered with club textures and steadfastly rhythmical even while stripped of beats, is a closer cousin of the DRMCNT material, it is also awash with the same fuzzed-out, cosmic psychedelia that glitters amid Hey Colossus's heaviness. The result is an album that always evades the label "ambient", instead propulsively shapeshifting through a landscape of drones, crackles and synth-stabs. With club nights and gigs off limits for the time being, Red-1 arrives on vinyl just in time - a fine tonic with which to soothe weary souls and elevate tired minds. Don't sleep on it!



Red Pt. 2






Blood Op

Shame Mi

Red Pt. 3

Purple Flowers For the Funeral

Nine Shrooms Too Late

Entero No



Label: Wrong Speed Records

Catalogue Number: WSR003