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Official Record Store Day UK releases revealed!

All the official limited edition and exclusive Record Store Day releases coming to cloth + wax this Summer!

Record Store Day UK is excited to reveal “The List” of official limited edition vinyl releases making their way to independent record shops this Summer.

Hundreds of artists and record labels have come together to release an exciting array of exclusive, special, and one-off vinyl records

Due to the pandemic, this year’s celebrations will take place across two Record Store Day “Drops” on Saturday 12th June and Saturday 17th July.

Record Store Day is the annual event which celebrates the unique culture of independent record shops and the art of vinyl. The event shines a light on the hard-working music lovers behind the counter who play a key role in championing local music and talent. We are delighted to be able to reveal this all important list of releases just days ahead of non-essential retailers re opening their doors on Monday 12th April. More than 250 independent record stores all across the UK are geared up to take part in RSD– with thousands more celebrating around the world.

And so without further ado, HERE is the list of titles making the way to record shops on 12th June and 17th July. From Fontaines DC to Miles Davis, to Wolf Alice to Elton John, this year’s list of records promises to have something special for every music lover.

Joff Oddie of Wolf Alice, who are taking part in this year’s Record Store Day with a special release, said: “Independent record stores provide a vital and necessary communal space to explore, discuss and share the music that shapes all of our lives. This year we’re releasing a limited edition version of our new album Blue Weekend with a bonus 7” exclusively for independent record stores. Given the bleak year they have faced during the Covid-19 pandemic any support you could show them would be fantastic. The musical world would not be the same without them.”


We are so excited to have you in our shop for RSD21 and welcome messages letting us know the records you would like us to stock. You can message us on here, or on Instagram BUT we cannot accept ANY requests for reservations and/or pre-orders.